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Montebello Bail Bonds
montebello bail bonds

The moment our client calls us, our personnel is ready to take over his or her case and make you feel not alone in those hard times. Our agency is serving the beautiful people of the wonderful city of Montebello for many years now, and we helped thousands of its citizens to get released out of prison. That’s why they considered the most experienced agents in the field of bail bonds and they are extremely respected by everyone in our business. During your call, one of our live agents is going to ask you the arrestee’s personal information so he can obtain all the facts needed by the jailer to start the bail bonds process. At the same time, our agent is going to help you understand completely the whole process of the defendant’s release out of jail. The next step is to meet with our agent to fill the necessary paperwork that he/she will have to go and provide it to the Jailer so the bail process to start.

All the defendants are usually taken to the Montebello Police Department that is located at 1600 W Beverly Blvd, Montebello, CA 90640. When the arrestee arrives there, the booking process starts. Then, the jailer explains to him/her about the charges and the bail amount needed. Next, when the defendant is informed about the charges, they will use a machine called Live Scan that is directly connected to the Department of Justice to send the arrestee’s fingerprint for control so they can be sure that he/she has no pending warrants or that he is not wanted by any other law agency. The Jailer to receive those results back, needs around 45 minutes to several hours. After the results are back, the jailer is going to clear the defendant for bail and our agent is going to deposit the bail bond that he has set up. Then, it’s just a matter of how busy the Jailer is at that moment to be determined how quick your loved one will be released.

Our highly trained personnel  at Bail Bonds Montebello are dedicated to make sure that the defendants are always released from jail as fast as possible and without any complications. We want our clients until the end of the process to not feel helpless and confused and believe us, we are very capable in doing so.

The bail bonds process in Montebello

Why Bail Bonds Montebello Masters!

Bail Bonds Montebello
Experience & Availabilty

We know that the moments following someone’s arrest can be very dramatic for family and friends. It is very stressful and overwhelming for our clients especially if they are not experienced at all with the bail bond process. Yes, it’s a tough time period for you.

However, our agents are extremely well trained and the best ones in the business to make you feel not alone. Their professional way of treatment and approach is unappareled to anyone. In such a rough situation, they will stand by your side during the whole process and even after just to make sure that you received the best possible bail bonds service and keep you satisfied at the maximum level.

Our agents work around the clock and they are available to you 24/7 to answer any kind of questions that may occur to you even questions that may not be related to your case such as advice about the Montebello Court System etc.


To the contrary to other bail bonds offices, we assign to you immediately your personal agent.


That way you will never get lost in translation or waste any important time. Your agent is going to make everything that is possible to make you feel comfortable and to take the stress from your shoulders.

Here at Bail Bonds Montebello we can guarantee that we will finalize the whole release process extremely fast and easy so that your beloved one to return home as fast as possible.

Our reputation is high, and our record of successful releases is our trademark.


We ensure you; you won’t have to wait long till your loved one returns to you under your custody. That’s a fact!

Confidential & Discreet

It is urgent the defendants to get released as fast as possible because the longer they remain in jail the more possible they remain there without a bail bond.

The moment you decide to work with us, we guarantee you that all the information you will provide us during the bail bonds process are going to be confidential. Our services and your case details are also going to remail confidential. We are extremely district when it comes to our clients.

The results that we will deliver to you, are going to make you feel glad that you chose us in that difficult period of your life.


Our bail service covers the neighboring cities such as, Monterey Park, Alhambra and Pasadena in the north. East Los Angeles. Huntington Park, South Gate and Lynwood southwest. Pico Rivera, Bell Gardens, Downey and Norwalk south. Whittier, Hacienda Heights south east. La Puente, Walnut, Diamond Bar east. El Monte, Covina, West Covina and Baldwin Park northeast.

bail bonds montebello ca

Address :

917-C W Beverly Blvd

Montebello, CA 90640

Telephone :

(323) 400-4299
Business Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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bail bonds in montebello ca
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