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City of Montebello, CA

city of montebello

The City of Montebello is a very diverse city that is in the heart of the Los Angeles County and a few miles away from the beach. Montebello is originally Italian for beautiful mountain and is considered part of the Gateway Cities. This city was originally ruled by the Spaniards where the Uto-Aztecan family of Native Americans lived until the British brought diseases to this land as they settled in this area. Montebello is also home to the Armenian Genocide Memorial because of its abundance of Armenian influence, being home to one of the oldest Armenian Communities in Los Angeles County.


Montebello has a strict 0 tolerance for driving under the influence because of the many bars and night clubs near the city. The city has an amazing law enforcement to ensure that all of its citizens are safe at all times with 87 sworn officers and 10 sergeants. The department also involves its citizens with 59 civilian personnel organized into three divisions to help out law enforcement.  The 63,000 residents (according to the 2010 census) are assured of their safety with the constant patrol of police throughout the entire city. Montebello is also home to the Montebello Municipal Golf Course which dates back to 1928 and the country club was remodeled for the 1998-99 reopening held on May 7, 1999. Being in the heart of LA County, Montebello is in the middle of the beach and Downtown Los Angeles, making it easy to find something to do for fun.

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