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Montebello Police Department.

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They use these traditional values to help increase the

community’s involvement with the police officers. The police department is one of the largest departments in the greater Los Angeles County and is big enough to handle any situation in the city of Montebello. The Montebello Police Department makes it a priority to provide challenge and variety, yet small enough to treat all of its employees as individuals, not just a number on a piece of paper. The agency has a total of 84 sworn officers, 17 reserve officers, and 45 civilian personnel that are organized into three divisions. The three divisions that make up the civilian personnel are the Field Services, Investigative Services, and the Support Services. They also have specialized units in many of their areas such as in Traffic Investigations, Adult and Juvenile Investigations, Narcotics Investigations, Gang Investigations, K-9 Unit, and the Training bureau. All of the officers sworn into the Montebello Police Department undergo extensive training in the police academy, but some of the employees will be assigned to special task or departments depending on their knowledge, interest, ability, and performance in their current field. The department encourages their officers to strive for better career opportunities through advanced training and they also offer educational assistance programs to help their officers achieve the special tasks or positions they seek. The Montebello Police Department prides itself on being one of the more modern departments of Los Angeles and they have done so by taking advantage of the rapid advancements in law enforcement technology.

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Montebello PD.

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