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1 dead, 3 injured after a stabbing among family members in Montebello

After a dispute between family members in Montebello on Sunday night, it resulted in one dead and three men injured. Police received several calls and when deputies arrived with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, at the location on North 5th Street after 6 p.m., it was a wild scene, they found one of the victims in the front yard suffering from stab wounds. Three other men at the scene were also suffering from stab wounds and all four victims were rushed to a local hospital where one of the victims died after going emergency surgery. All four victims appeared to be from the same large extended family.

Police say the attack stemmed from what appears to be a family argument that turned violent. According to officials, the family had gotten into a shouting match, they became yelling and cursing back and forth and it escalated very quickly into violence when one of the family members pulled out a knife.

The reasons leading up to the stabbing are unknown, and the alleged attacker has been arrested and he is now in custody.

Investigators are trying to figure out what ignited and started this anger and hostility with the family members and relatives, and at some point, investigators think and it is not confirmed yet but they think that it may all have been over a dispute involving a parking space in the area by the apartment complex.

The names of the victims have not been released.

No other information was immediately available.


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