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Two Arrested for Vandalized Restaurant

Earlier this week, two men were arrested in connection with vandalism on a vacant restaurant in the city of Montebello. The two men allegedly tagged all over the vacant restaurant and police estimate the damages to total $1500. Police were called after witnesses reported people vandalizing the property late in the evening. When the authorities arrived to the restaurant, one suspect was hiding in the patio, while the other suspect ran through the wash and onto the Freeway where an officer was already waiting. Police recovered spray paint from the scene and both suspects were covered in the same color paint according to detectives. Both men were booked at the Montebello Jail and are being held on $20,000 bail for felony vandalism as well as evading police. Both men will await trial separately and will be tried in court separately later this week. This shows that something as simple as spray painting a wall could turn into a felony.

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