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Montebello Clerk Who Leaked Police Records Gets Probation

The Judge hearing the case of the Montebello Clerk who leaked police records to gang members gave the clerk probation. The clerk leaked the records of witnesses to an attempted murder case that happened about a year ago. Gina Sanchez was convicted of witness intimidation and conspiracy and could have been sentenced to four years in state prison. The two witnesses, Stephanie Fitivale and Robert Rodriguez, have sued the city for millions of dollars due to this incident. The breach of the records was for the shooting of one of the witnesses’ home in Montebello by the gang member that asked the clerk for the records. The gang member used the information that he was given to make threatening phone calls to the witnesses of the shooting and made it clear that they were to not testify against the suspect. Fitvale was also contacted by a private investigator working for Sendejas, who didn’t understand how that person had her number according to her. Police are still investigating the whole situation and are trying to find a way to ensure the security of private files.

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