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Escaped Suspect Found Under Truck

On late Thursday night earlier this week, a man was being taken to a hospital to treat an injured hand when he escaped from a deputy. However, he wasn’t able to enjoy his new found freedom for very long due to the persistence of the deputy on duty. Sgt. Rudy Ramos said that officers found the escaped man hiding under a truck that was a block away from the hospital. Officers said that the man had allegedly threatened a resident at an apartment in the 5400 block of Rosemead and injured his hand by punching a window during the incident. When the suspect was found, he had managed to move his handcuffs from behind him to in front. Officers reported that the young man was able to escape the arresting officers and ran through a parking lot where the officers then lost sight of him in the darkness. But the persistence of all of the officers on duty at the time proved that you could run from the police but they will catch you eventually. This shows that our law enforcement in Montebello is highly trained to keep the safety of the community.

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